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Monday 26 March, 2012 12:00 by Andy in Featured Posts, The Terrace.

Music after goals and at kick-off are stupid because they’re the only times the crowd doesn’t need assistance to make a noise. The rest of the time, the crowd quite clearly does need something to make them liven up as this has failed to happen ‘organically’.

Asking a few pass-holders to move seats and making part of the East Stand a designated ‘support section’ for those who do so all day long together at away games would seem the most natural way of starting things. Extending it round the North-East corner and behind the goal would have even more impact. Adam Pearson talked a while ago of the possibility of moving the away fans to somewhere like the West Stand upper tier. Has that been given up on?

A lone drum isn’t the nicest of sounds but it’s much closer to the traditional sounds of football grounds than something played over the PA system. Fans used to drum on the sides of the South Stand at Boothferry Park or the back walls of away grounds, and would join in with an air-horn. Why is a drum worse?

Perhaps the single best reason for bringing in a drum would be to get rid of the drum. Instead of joining in with the drum, in defiance the crowd would have to sing up together to drown it out.

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  1. Andy Beill says:

    I notice that Manchester United are giving a ‘singing section’ a try:


    Andy Beill Reply:

    Sunderland are bringing one in too. Here’s what they said:

    From the start of the 2012/2013 season, after consultation with Sunderland supporters, Sunderland AFC have designated their South Stand (the current away stand) as a “singing Section”. We have consulted with Sunderland AFC and this is their response to their consultation and introduction of the section –

    “The decision to relocate visiting fans was made at the request of our own supporters. Once this decision had been formalized we then consulted with our supporters as to how they would like to see the South Stand area that previously held visiting fans utilised. There was overwhelming positive feedback for the creation of a lively, vibrant ‘home end’ – naturally any singing of course would be down to the supporters themselves to implement”

    “The aim is a lively vibrant home section, where we encourage flags, banners etc, rather than specifically a ‘singing’ section – it is our supporters who have coined this term. Our fans are well aware of regulations regarding persistent standing and we have a very positive and proactive relationship with our fans groups in relation to the communication of such issues”.

    Louise Wanless – Media & Communications Manager, Sunderland AFC.

    This was taken from www.stretfordendflags.com./index.php/54-a-proposal-to-mufc-for-an-old-trafford-singing-section

  2. Terraceman says:

    Unfortunately, in this day and age having the fans of one team in the upper tier of a stand above the fans of the opposing team is not a good idea. It just needs one idiot in the upper tier to rip up a seat and throw it down to cause serious injury, if not worse.

    West Stand upper for visitors is a non-starter.

  3. South Bank Tiger says:

    I’d put the away fans in the Boulevard

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